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Anemia adalah kurangnya kadar hemoglobin dalam darah. Yang terlihat dari anemia ini pada orang tersebut adalah pucat dimana dapat terlihat pada mata, lidah dan telapak tangan. Gejala yang dirasakan pada penderita anemia adalah lesu, tidak semangat, vitalitas berkurang.
Penyebab dari anemia dapt dibagi dalam beberapa sebab yakni anemia defisiensi zat gizi (besi, vit B12, asam folat), anemia karena perdarahan baik pada peradarahan yang banyak dalam waktu singkat dan juga perdarahan yang sedikit-sedikit dalam waktu lama, anemia karena penyakit kronik (liver, tbc, ginjal), anemia karena penyakit keganasan (kanker darah) yakni leukemia, anemia karena gagalnya produksi sumsum tulang untuk memproduksi darah (anemia aplastik).
Pemeriksaan yang harus dilakukan untk mencari penyebab anemia ini adalah dengan pemeriksaan gambaran darah tepi, kadar besi dalam darah, ferritin, menghitung ukuran sel darah merah dan retikulosit.
Pengobatan anemia ditujukan pada penyebab asal dari anemia sendiri, bila pada anemia defisiensi zat gizi maka diberikan asupan zat gizi tersebut, bila pada anemia perdarahan maka dilakukan pengobatan untuk menghentikan perdarahan tersebut, demikian seterusnya.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Am Communist Party wrote a book, "We will never surrender" (named = but historical analysis of old austria hungary, was sold in few copies)


We can not survive without neoliberalism (am project = information, force, its own responsibility, etc).
Sex, violence and work.
Then, it is the Jewish question - many Jews in the labour movement (selling in intellectual solutions that kommunistpacket today "mass empty words without substance").
The same mentality today = perhaps that nature is moving towards eradication. The control of some media - and similar organizations.
The Devil's people (easy on eliminating).

Count 1 million times
What gave nybyggaranda etc

Spider, which can kill judgement

It was a jew girl who now is named Rebecca Lord
She was not horny, but well on the crafty manipulation of others (Rebecca mata hari).
She was fitted and dejected, but one day she committed suicide.
Then came a klumpedunsröv from israeli higher uni, Haifa, and would learn empiricism but then struck schizopartikeln to, and it scratched at the robber and he pulled out a hemorojd
it was shown to contain a worm that later destroyed a large part of the human world

it was late in the history books
astroillium israelis

particle =
nervous system has, of course, new data on databasförmåga (activates when the schizophrenia of us)
Tex send nano-robots and religious cultural context and play on (socialpsykologi) and then endanger humanity
threat to humanity

when you sit in a solitary confinement (by 1000 mdr who really would gone to the West-am project) and attackhund who rapes and våldsmusik

Chinese-Chinese person who he said
now gaining ground, we manchuriet
so hästarmén who was genklonad
and sold his Old Norse kýr
it turned out later that he was a little underestimated
so it impoterade a cow

(vv spread on)

Brainlaw for optional (energy used right tex alpha waves)
Props in EUrope

Obama = optional, and be able to govern, one should say have 300 iqpoäng otherwise is not optional.
Individuals should be able to control the environment (cf. chosen best in the past to defend the stem end, but today also the environment, science, art, personalities, creativity and above all the complexity).
Set is most important (based on 300 and a superstructure)

We would introduce the following countries

July 27, 2008 at 10:51 AM  
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Apa penyebab turunnya trombosit

November 3, 2013 at 7:53 PM  

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